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Today, nearly everyone carries identification cards issued by both public and private entities. The purpose of an ID card is to identify the holder as having specific rights, privileges, access and responsibilities. Identification protocols are needed by both public and private organizations to validate the identification of its employees or members and to maintain a secure environment within its facilities. ID systems may operate in a limited manner within a single organization (an employee ID), span multiple organizations (across government bodies, between businesses and their customers), or be extended for public use (secure visitor badges etc). A system that is set up to allow or restrict access, to log entries and exits, or to identify authorized personnel using a secure ID card is called an “I.D. based security protocol”.

When creating an ID based security protocol, the first step is to determine the level of sophistication required. Gordon Identification Services works closely with its clients to calculate the forgery risk for a specific scenario. GIS then analyzes the various counterfeit deterrence technologies available in today’s market place and incorporates the technology that is appropriate for the individual client’s security needs to create a custom identification based security protocol. Enhanced security features provide a means of securing and validating the authenticity of an identification card. An example of such a security feature is the HOLOGRAPHIC OVERLAY. The overlay provides a means of securing the information and picture on an identification card by verifying that the ID card was issued by the company or agency and not counterfeited. This barrier makes the ID card tamperproof providing a guarantee that the information it contains has not been altered or reproduced. Holograms can also be used to prevent forgeries when they are EMBEDDED into the card material making the card virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Another cutting-edge technology employed by Gordon Identification Services is Smart Identification Technologies. Smart card technology allows the issuer to embed encrypted digital information within a BARCODE, MAGNETIC STIP, and/or embedded MICROCHIP. Widely acknowledged as one of the most reliable forms of electronic identification, SMART IDs can provide secure and accurate identity verification and, when combined with other ID system technologies (such as BIOMETRICS and DIGITAL CERTIFICATES), they can enhance the security of the company or organization and restrict access to authorized personnel and protect the integrity of proprietary information and locations.

GIS can provide printing, database and production services or a completely integrated system, workstation, and staff training so that the issuing agency can produce the IDs themselves.

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